Triviality of the 2D stochastic Allen-Cahn equation

  title={Triviality of the 2D stochastic Allen-Cahn equation},
  author={Martin Hairer and Marc D. Ryser and Hendrik Weber},
  journal={Electronic Journal of Probability},
We consider the stochastic Allen-Cahn equation driven by mollified space-time white noise. We show that, as the mollifier is removed, the solutions converge weakly to 0, independently of the initial condition. If the intensity of the noise simultaneously converges to 0 at a sufficiently fast rate, then the solutions converge to those of the deterministic equation. At the critical rate, the limiting solution is still deterministic, but it exhibits an additional damping term. 

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Degenerate Kolmogorov equations and ergodicity for the stochastic Allen–Cahn equation with logarithmic potential

  • Luca ScarpaM. Zanella
  • Mathematics
    Stochastics and Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Computations
  • 2023
Well-posedness à la Friedrichs is proved for a class of degenerate Kolmogorov equations associated to stochastic Allen–Cahn equations with logarithmic potential. The thermodynamical consistency of

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The Allen–Cahn equation is a prototype model for phase separation processes, a fundamental example of a nonlinear spatial dynamic and an important approximation of a geometric evolution equation by a

Large deviation principle for a stochastic Allen–Cahn equation

The Allen–Cahn equation is a prototype model for phase separation processes, a fundamental example of a nonlinear spatial dynamic and an important approximation of a geometric evolution equation by a




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