Trivalent arsenicals are bound to proteins during reductive methylation.

  title={Trivalent arsenicals are bound to proteins during reductive methylation.},
  author={Hua Naranmandura and Noriyuki Suzuki and Kazuo T. Suzuki},
  journal={Chemical research in toxicology},
  volume={19 8},
Inorganic arsenic is converted to methylated metabolites, and most is excreted in urine as dimethylarsinic acid in humans and animals. The present study was conducted to investigate the metabolism of arsenic and identify hepatic and renal metabolites of arsenic after an intravenous injection of arsenite (0.5 mg As/kg body weight) in rats. Similar levels of arsenic were found in the soluble (SUP) and nonsoluble sediment (SED) fractions of both organs after 1 h. More than 80% of the SUP arsenic… CONTINUE READING


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