Tritrophic effects of a simple architectural mutation in pea plants

  title={Tritrophic effects of a simple architectural mutation in pea plants},
  author={P. Kareiva and Robert Sahakian},
  • P. Kareiva, Robert Sahakian
  • Published 1990
  • Biology
  • Nature
  • WHEN studying interactions between trophic levels, ecologiste often restrict their attention to two levels as a means of simplifying the analysis; unfortunately, this simplification can be misleading if tritrophic interactions (such as plant–herbivore–predator) cannot be understood by simply adding together pairwise interactions (plant–herbivore plus herbivore–predator, for example)1,2. We examined the significance of tritrophic interactions by asking how the morphology of the common pea (Pisum… CONTINUE READING
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