Triton burn-up study in JT-60U

  title={Triton burn-up study in JT-60U},
  author={Takeo Nishitani and Max Hoek and Hideki Harano and Mitsutaka Isobe and Kazuteru Tobita and Yoshinori Kusama and Glen A Wurden and Robert E. Chrien},
The behavior of 1 MeV tritons produced in the d(d,p)t reaction is important to predict the properties of D-T produced 3.5 MeV alphas because 1 MeV tritons and 3.5 MeV alphas have similar kinematic properties, such as Larmor radius and precession frequency. The confinement and slowing down of the fast tritons were investigated by measuring the 14 MeV and the 2.5 MeV neutron production rates. Here the time resolved triton burnup measurements have been performed using a new type 14 MeV neutron… CONTINUE READING


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