Tritium Transport in Poloidal Flows of a Dcll Blanket

  title={Tritium Transport in Poloidal Flows of a Dcll Blanket},
  author={Martin J. Pattison and S. Smolentsev and Ramakanth Munipalli and Mohamed A. Abdou},
In a Dual-Coolant Lead-Lithium (DCLL) blanket, tritium losses from the PbLi into cooling helium streams may occur when the liquid-metal breeder is moving in the poloidal ducts. Quantitative analysis of the mass transfer processes associated with the tritium transport in the breeder as well as tritium diffusion through the structural and functional materials is important for two main reasons. The first is that there can be a substantial cost in extracting tritium from helium. The second is that… CONTINUE READING