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Trisections of non-orientable 4-manifolds

  title={Trisections of non-orientable 4-manifolds},
  author={Maggie Miller and Patrick Naylor},
  journal={arXiv: Geometric Topology},
We study trisections of smooth, compact non-orientable 4-manifolds, and introduce trisections of non-orientable 4-manifolds with boundary. In particular, we prove a non-orientable analogue of a classical theorem of Laudenbach-Poenaru. As a consequence, trisection diagrams and Kirby diagrams of closed non-orientable 4-manifolds exist. We discuss how the theory of trisections may be adapted to the setting of non-orientable 4-manifolds with many examples. 

An algorithm taking Kirby diagrams to trisection diagrams

An algorithm taking a Kirby diagram of a closed oriented 4 -manifold to a trisection diagram of the same manifold is presented and extended to work for the non-orientable case.

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Recently Gay and Kirby described a new decomposition of smooth closed $4$-manifolds called a trisection. This paper generalises Heegaard splittings of $3$-manifolds and trisections of $4$-manifolds

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We show that the members of a large class of unbalanced four-manifold trisections are standard, and we present a family of trisections that is likely to include non-standard trisections of the

Trisections of 4-manifolds with boundary

This work shows how to turn a certain standard decomposition of a 4-manifold with boundary into a diagram drawn on a surface that describes that 4- manifold and its trisection given certain boundary conditions, and makes the original proof of the existence of relative trisections more explicit in terms of handles.

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