Tris(tetra­butyl­ammonium) hexa­kis­(tert-butane­thiol­ato-κS)hepta-μ3-chlorido-μ3-sulfido-hexa­molybdate dihydrate


The octa-hedral cluster core of the anion in the structure of the title compound, (C(16)H(36)N)(3)[Mo(6)(C(4)H(9)S)(6)(μ(3)-Cl)(7)(μ(3)-S)]·2H(2)O, has -3 site symmetry. Two μ(3)-Cl atoms fully occupy positions in the cluster core, while the remaining six positions are statistically occupied by Cl and S atoms in a 1:5 ratio. The fully occupied Cl-atom… (More)
DOI: 10.1107/S1600536812007416


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