Trips to the South--a health hazard. Morbidity of Finnish travellers.

  title={Trips to the South--a health hazard. Morbidity of Finnish travellers.},
  author={Heikki Peltola and H J Kyr{\"o}nsepp{\"a} and P H{\"o}ls{\"a}},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={15 4},
In all, 2665 Finns chosen at random who had made short visits to Spain and her islands, to North Africa or to Thailand, or who had taken an around-the-world tour or a West African cruise were asked to answer a questionnaire concerning the state of their health while abroad. One-third (33%) reported they were ill or had been ill; 48% had had some health complaint during the trip which in 93% lasted for 2 weeks or less. The most common health problems were diarrhoea (18%), sunburn (10%), upper… CONTINUE READING


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