Tripartite motif 32 prevents pathological cardiac hypertrophy

  title={Tripartite motif 32 prevents pathological cardiac hypertrophy},
  author={Lijuan Chen and Jia Huang and Yanxiao Ji and Xiaojing Zhang and Pixiao Wang and Keqiong Deng and Xi Jiang and Genshan Ma and Hongliang Li},
  booktitle={Clinical science},
TRIM32 (tripartite motif 32) is widely accepted to be an E3 ligase that interacts with and eventually ubiquitylates multiple substrates. TRIM32 mutants have been associated with LGMD-2H (limb girdle muscular dystrophy 2H). However, whether TRIM32 is involved in cardiac hypertrophy induced by biomechanical stresses and neurohumoral mediators remains unclear… CONTINUE READING