Trimorphomyces: a new genus in the tremellaceae.

  title={Trimorphomyces: a new genus in the tremellaceae.},
  author={F. Oberwinkler and R. Bandoni},
  journal={Systematic and applied microbiology},
  volume={4 1},
Trimorphomyces Bandoni and Oberw. gen. nov. (Tremellaceae) includes a single species, T. papilionaceus Bandoni and Oberw. sp. nov., which parasitizes Arthrinium sphaerospermum Fckl. The sporocarps are mainly or entirely conidial at first; conidia and basidia are mixed in mature basidiocarps. The basidia are cruciately-septate, stalked. Basidiospores germinate by repetition or by budding to form a haploid yeast phase. Blastic conidia are formed successively; terminal pairs develop synchronously… Expand
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