Trilayer Tunnel Selectors for Memristor Memory Cells

  title={Trilayer Tunnel Selectors for Memristor Memory Cells},
  author={Byung Joon Choi and Jiaming Zhang and Kate Norris and Gary A. Gibson and Kyung Min Kim and Warren G. Jackson and Min‐Xian Max Zhang and Zhiyong Li and Jianhua Joshua Yang and R. Stanley Williams},
  booktitle={Advanced materials},
An integrated memory cell with a mem-ristor and a trilayer crested barrier selector, showing repeatable nonlinear current-voltage switching loops is presented. The fully atomic-layer-deposited TaN1+x /Ta2 O5 /TaN1+x crested barrier selector yields a large nonlinearity (>10(4) ), high endurance (>10(8) ), low variability, and low temperature dependence.