Trigeminocerebellar and trigemino-olivary projections in rats.

  title={Trigeminocerebellar and trigemino-olivary projections in rats.},
  author={N Yatim and I. Billig and C. Compoint and Pierre Buisseret and Catherine Buisseret-Delmas},
  journal={Neuroscience research},
  volume={25 3},
Retrograde and anterograde neuronal tracers (HRP, biocytin, biotinylated dextran-amine) were used to study the organisation of trigeminocerebellar and trigemino-olivary connections, focusing on the connectivity between trigeminal nuclear regions and the sagittal zones of the rat cerebellar cortex. Trigeminocerebellar projections were bilateral, but mostly ipsilateral. Direct trigeminocerebellar fibres originated mostly in the principal trigeminal nucleus (VP) and pars oralis (Vo), pars… CONTINUE READING
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