Trigeminal neuralgia: definition and classification.

  title={Trigeminal neuralgia: definition and classification.},
  author={Jorge L. Eller and Ahmed M. Raslan and Kim Burchiel},
  journal={Neurosurgical focus},
  volume={18 5},
Based on specific, objective, and reproducible criteria, a classification scheme for trigeminal neuralgia (TN) and related facial pain syndromes is proposed. Such a classification scheme is based on information provided in the patient's history and incorporates seven diagnostic criteria, as follows. 1) and 2) Trigeminal neuralgia Types 1 and 2 (TN1 and TN2) refer to idiopathic, spontaneous facial pain that is either predominantly episodic (as in TN1) or constant (as in TN2) in nature. 3… CONTINUE READING