Trigeminal dysfunction in patients with Bell's palsy.

  title={Trigeminal dysfunction in patients with Bell's palsy.},
  author={Per Hanner and Gaby G Badr and Ulf Rosenhall and Staffan Edstr{\"o}m},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={101 3-4},
The trigeminal function was investigated in 30 consecutive patients with acute unilateral peripheral facial palsy. The patients were tested with electrophysiological methods within 5 weeks after onset of the disease. Trigeminus-evoked potential test (TEP) disclosed trigeminal dysfunction in 47%, while the blink reflex test (BR) showed trigeminal pathology in 60% of the patients. A topographical analysis of the trigeminal system showed that 24% of the patients had BR patterns that were… CONTINUE READING