Trichromatic color vision in the salamander (Salamandra salamandra)

  title={Trichromatic color vision in the salamander (Salamandra salamandra)},
  author={C. Przyrembel and B. Keller and C. Neumeyer},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Physiology A},
  • C. Przyrembel, B. Keller, C. Neumeyer
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Journal of Comparative Physiology A
  • Spectral sensitivity functions were measured between 334 nm and 683 nm in Salamandra salamandra by utilizing two behavioral reactions: the negative phototactic response, and the prey catching behavior elicited by a moving worm dummy. [...] Key Result The action spectrum of the negative phototactic response revealed 3 pronounced maxima: at 360–400 nm, at 520–540 nm, and at 600–640 nm. In the range around 450 nm, there was a “reaction gap” where sensitivity could not be measured.Expand Abstract
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