Trichostrongylina (Nematoda) from Malagasy Muridae. I--Description of two new species of Heligmonellidae in Nesomys spp.

  title={Trichostrongylina (Nematoda) from Malagasy Muridae. I--Description of two new species of Heligmonellidae in Nesomys spp.},
  author={Marie-Claude Durette-Desset and J T Lethonen and Voitto Haukisalmi},
  volume={9 1},
Two new species of Heligmonellidae, Heligmonina wrightae n.sp. (Nippostrongylinae) and Nesomystrongylus fissicauda n.gen., n. sp. (Brevistriatinae) are described from Madagascar in Nesomys rufus and N. audeberti (Muridae). In Nesomys audeberti, the species are coparasites. Heligmonina wrightae is differentiated from all the other species of the genus, except H. malacomysi Sakka & Durette-Desset, 1988, by the ratio of the length of the spicules on the length of the body (25-27.8% versus 9.5-7… 
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