Trichostrongylina (Nematoda) from Malagasy Muridae. III--description of a new species of Heligmonoides Baylis, 1928 (Heligmonellidae) parasitic in Mus musculus.

  title={Trichostrongylina (Nematoda) from Malagasy Muridae. III--description of a new species of Heligmonoides Baylis, 1928 (Heligmonellidae) parasitic in Mus musculus.},
  author={Marie-Claude Durette-Desset and Jukka T. Lehtonen and Voitto Haukisalmi},
  volume={14 1},
Heligmonoides variabilis n. sp. (Heligmosomoidea, Nippostrongylinae) a parasite of Mus musculus from Madagascar is related to H. afghanus (Tenora, 1969), H. ikeharai Hasegawa, 1990 and H. josephi (Wertheim & Durette-Desset, 1976), all having the dorsal ray divided anterior to the arising of rays 8. H. ikeharai a parasite of Tokudaia muenninki (Muridae) from Japan is the most closely related species with rays 8 arising at mid-length along the dorsal ray. It is differentiated from the new species… 

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