Trichopolydesmidae from Cameroon, 1: The genus Hemisphaeroparia Schubart, 1955. With a genus-level reclassification of Afrotropical genera of the family (Diplopoda, Polydesmida)

  title={Trichopolydesmidae from Cameroon, 1: The genus Hemisphaeroparia Schubart, 1955. With a genus-level reclassification of Afrotropical genera of the family (Diplopoda, Polydesmida)},
  author={Sergei I. Golovatch and Armand Richard Nzoko Fiemapong and Joseph Lebel Tamesse and JEAN-PAUL Mauri{\`e}s and Didier Vandenspiegel},
  pages={49 - 98}
Abstract In addition to one of the two species of Trichopolydesmidae hitherto recorded from Cameroon, Polydesmusintegratus Porat, 1894, which is revised based on type material and shown to represent the genus Hemisphaeroparia Schubart, 1955, comb. n., 12 new species from the same genus are described from that country: H.zamakoesp. n., H.bangoulapsp. n., H.spinigersp. n., H.ongotsp. n., H.digitifersp. n., H.parvasp. n., H.fuscasp. n., H.bonakandasp. n., H.bamboutossp. n., H.subfalcatasp. n., H… 
A review of the cavernicolous Trichopolydesmidae (Diplopoda, Polydesmida) from the Carpathian-Balkan arch and the Rhodope Mountains, with descriptions of two new genera and three new species
All cavernicolous species of the millipede family Trichopolydesmidae from the Carpathian-Balkan arch and the Rhodope Mountains have been reviewed and two new genera have been described, viz., Balkanodesminusgen.
(Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Trichopolydesmidae): Revealing the Identity of an Enigmatic Eastern-Mediterranean Millipede
The true identity of the millipede Polydesmus rubellus Attems, 1902 is revealed and the species does not fit in any of the known genera and should be assigned to a new, monotypic genus, Simplogonopus gen. n.


Review of the millipede family Trichopolydesmidae in the Oriental realm (Diplopoda, Polydesmida), with descriptions of new genera and species
One of the new genera, Gonatodesmus gen. n, provides a kind of transition or evolutionary bridge between Trichopolydesmidae and Opisotretidae, thus reinforcing the assignment of these two families to the single superfamily Trichopoldesmoidea.
A reclassification of the millipede superfamily Trichopolydesmoidea, with descriptions of two new species from the Aegean region (Diplopoda, Polydesmida)
The family Trichopolydesmidae is rediagnosed and its position within the superfamily TrICHopolydesmoidea refined.
Cave millipedes of the United States. XIV. Revalidation of the genus Speorthus Chamberlin, 1952 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Macrosternodesmidae), with a description of a new species from Texas and remarks on the families Polydesmidae and Macrosternodesmidae in North America.
The genus Speorthus Chamberlin is revalidated for S. tuganbius Chamberlin and S. reyesi, new species (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Macrosternodesmidae). The families Polydesmidae and Macrosternodesmidae
A new species of the millipede genus Helicodesmus Golovatch, Geoffroy et VandenSpiegel, 2014, from southern Vietnam (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Trichopolydesmidae)
1 Institute for Problems of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninsky prospekt 33, Moscow 119071, Russia; E-mail: 1 Институт проблем экологии и эволюции РАН,
Nouveaux micropolydesmides d'Afrique centrale : essai de rassemblement pour une révision du genre Sphaeroparia (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Fuhrmannodesmidae)
Cinq especes nouvelles de Diplopodes polydesmides microscopiques du genre Sphaeroparia, recoltees en Afrique centrale (Kivu et Ruwenzori) en foret tropicale ombrophile de moyenne et haute altitude,
Focus stacking: Comparing commercial top-end set-ups with a semi-automatic low budget approach. A possible solution for mass digitization of type specimens
The system is inexpensive compared to high-end commercial focus stacking solutions, composed of commercial photographic equipment and enables institutions to purchase multiple solutions or to start digitising the type collection on a large scale even with a small budget.
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