Tribute to Folke Skoog: Recent Advances in our Understanding of Cytokinin Biology

  title={Tribute to Folke Skoog: Recent Advances in our Understanding of Cytokinin Biology},
  author={Joseph J. Kieber},
  journal={Journal of Plant Growth Regulation},
  • J. Kieber
  • Published 1 March 2002
  • Biology
  • Journal of Plant Growth Regulation
Cytokinin Plant Hormones Have Neuroprotective Activity in In Vitro Models of Parkinson’s Disease
Overall, cytokinins showed protective activity in the SAL- induced model of parkinsonian neuronal cell death and Glu-induced model of oxidative damage mainly by reduction of oxidative stress.
Applications of In Vitro Techniques in Plant Breeding
Although the Green Revolution of the 1960s tripled the world’s food supply, food distribution remains uneven and the problem of chronic under-nutrition for millions of people in the world persists.
Cytokinins: Wide-Spread Signaling Hormones from Plants to Humans with High Medical Potential
This work presents the strong profile of the biological actions of cytokinins and their possible therapeutic applications, and compares cytokinin effects and pathways in plants and mammalian systems.
Harnessing Bacterial Endophytes for Promotion of Plant Growth and Biotechnological Applications: An Overview
This review highlights the biotechnological possibilities for bacterial endophyte applications and proposes future goals for their application.
The DME demethylase regulates sporophyte gene expression, cell proliferation, differentiation, and meristem resurrection
It is suggested that DME-mediated active DNA demethylation may be involved in the maintenance of stem cell activities during the sporophytic life cycle in Arabidopsis.
Endophytic microbes: biodiversity, plant growth-promoting mechanisms and potential applications for agricultural sustainability
Endophytic microbes, their diversity in leguminous as well as non-leguminous crops, biotechnological applications, and ability to promote the growth of plant for agro-environmental sustainability are reviewed.
Transcriptomic analysis of a near-isogenic line of melon with high fruit flesh firmness during ripening.
There is an apparent control of textural changes, VOCs and fruit ripening by an eQTL located in LG X together with a direct control on them due to genes presented in the introgression.
Benefits of Algal Extracts in Sustainable Agriculture
Natural Cytokinin and Abscissic Acid (ABA) Hormones Isolation from Peach Plant and Its Effect as Growth Regulator on Callus Cell in Vitro and Phloem Tissue in Vivo
Phytohormone is a natural plant derived chemical that regulates cell, tissue and plant growth. They are signal molecules produced within the cell, tissue as a whole in the plant. Plant hormones e.g.