• Chemistry
  • Published 2005

Triblock copolymers for drug delivery using nanoparticles

  title={Triblock copolymers for drug delivery using nanoparticles},
  author={コーン,ジョアキム,ビー. and セイエット,ラリサ and デボア,デビッド and デュビン,ロバート},
Has A-B-A structure, each A is a terminal block which is it biocompatible hydrophilic, B middle block is a hydrophobic Desa amino tyrosyl tyrosine polycarbonates or polyarylates, biological is compatible triblock copolymer nontoxic. The copolymer is naturally self-assemble, useful as delivery vehicles biologically active compounds or agents active compound hydrophobic, to form nanoparticles of lower critical aggregation concentration.