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Tribe and Transition in Nigeria: The Role of Ethno-Political Organizations in The Transition from Military Rule to Democracy, 1993 - 1998

  title={Tribe and Transition in Nigeria: The Role of Ethno-Political Organizations in The Transition from Military Rule to Democracy, 1993 - 1998},
  author={Okechukwu O. Ibeanu},
  • O. Ibeanu
  • Published 2012
  • Political Science, Sociology
This essay analyzes the role of ethno-political organizations in Nigeria's quest for democracy. It inquires into how their interaction in the recent transition to democracy curtailed and/or exacerbated politically pertinent conflicts among ethnic groups. It is argued that the salience of ethno-political organizations in Nigeria's recent transition rests, first, on the historical process of state making in Nigeria, specifically on the insertion of ethnic groups in the structure of that state… 

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