Triazolam protein binding and correlation with alpha-1 acid glycoprotein concentration.


On two occasions separated by a minimum of 1 wk, plasma was obtained from 12 patients (aged 18 to 73 yr) on dialysis after an overnight fast. Samples were assayed for albumin and alpha 1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) concentrations. 14C-Triazolam was added to each sample to a final concentration of 5 ng/ml. Protein binding was determined by equilibrium dialysis. Unbound triazolam ranged from 6.4% to 15.4% (mean = 10.0%). AGP concentrations ranged from 71.8 to 205.1 mg% (mean = 123.4 mg%). Triazolam binding ratio (bound/unbound concentration) correlated with AGP concentration (r2 = 0.69) but not with albumin concentration, age, or sex. This correlation was verified by adding AGP in varying amounts to control plasma.

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