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Triangulated categories of logarithmic motives over a field

  title={Triangulated categories of logarithmic motives over a field},
  author={Federico Binda and Doosung Park and Paul arne Ostvaer},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
In this work we develop a theory of motives for logarithmic schemes over fields in the sense of Fontaine, Illusie, and Kato. Our construction is based on the notion of finite log correspondences, the dividing Nisnevich topology on log schemes, and the idea of parameterizing homotopies by $\overline{\square}$, i.e. the projective line with respect to its compactifying logarithmic structure at infinity. Hodge cohomology of log schemes is an example of an $\overline{\square}$-invariant theory that… Expand

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