Triangulated Categories

  title={Triangulated Categories},
  author={Xiao-Wu Chen and Pu Zhang},
  journal={Homological Theory of Representations},
For a self-orthogonal module T , the relation between the quotient triangulated category Db(A)/K b(addT ) and the stable category of the Frobenius category of T -Cohen-Macaulay modules is investigated. In particular, for a Gorenstein algebra, we get a relative version of the description of the singularity category due to Happel. Also, the derived category of a Gorenstein algebra is explicitly given, inside the stable category of the graded module category of the corresponding trivial extension… 

Stratifying triangulated categories

A notion of stratification is introduced for any compactly generated triangulated category ⊤ endowed with an action of a graded‐commutative noetherian ring R. The utility of this notion is

Triangulated categories of relative 1-motives

The homotopy category of flat modules, and Grothendieck duality

Let R be a ring. We prove that the homotopy category K(R-Proj) is always $\aleph_1$-compactly generated, and, depending on the ring R, it may or may not be compactly generated. We use this to give a

Torsion pairs in silting theory

In the setting of compactly generated triangulated categories, we show that the heart of a (co)silting t-structure is a Grothendieck category if and only if the (co)silting object satisfies a purity

Subfactor Categories of Triangulated Categories

Let 𝒳 ⊂ 𝒜 be subcategories of a triangulated category 𝒯, and 𝒳 a functorially finite subcategory of 𝒜. If 𝒜 has the properties that any 𝒳-monomorphism of 𝒜 has a cone and any 𝒳-epimorphism

Ideal cotorsion theories in triangulated categories

The $N$-Stable Category

A well-known theorem of Buchweitz provides equivalences between three categories: the stable category of Gorenstein projective modules over a Gorenstein algebra, the homotopy category of acyclic


We propose a new method for defining a notion of support for objects in any compactly generated triangulated category admitting small co-products. This approach is based on a construction of local

Tilting objects in triangulated categories

Abstract Based on Beligiannis’s theory in [Beligiannis, A. (2000). Relative homological algebra and purity in triangulated categories. J. Algebra 227(1):268–361], we introduce and study -tilting

Goodness in $n$-angulated categories

We generalise the notions of good, middling good, and Verdier good morphisms of distinguished triangles in triangulated categories, first introduced by Neeman, to the setting of n -angulated



Derived Categories of Coherent Sheaves and Triangulated Categories of Singularities

In this paper we establish an equivalence between the category of graded D-branes of type B in Landau–Ginzburg models with homogeneous superpotential W and the triangulated category of singularities

Derived categories of nodal algebras

Auslander-Reiten triangles in derived categories of finite-dimensional algebras

Let A be a finite-dimensional algebra. The category modA of finitely generated left A-modules canonically embeds into the derived category D b(A) of bounded complexes over mod A and the stable

Acyclicity Versus Total Acyclicity for Complexes over Noetherian Rings

It is proved that for a commutative noetherian ring with dualizing complex the homotopy category of projective modules is equivalent, as a triangulated category, to the homotopy category of injective

the stable derived category of a noetherian scheme

  • H. Krause
  • Mathematics
    Compositio Mathematica
  • 2005
for a noetherian scheme, we introduce its unbounded stable derived category. this leads to a recollement which reflects the passage from the bounded derived category of coherent sheaves to the

On Gorenstein Algebras

Let A be a finite-dimensional k-algebra (associative, with unit) over some fixed algebraically closed field k. Let mod A be the category of finitely generated left A-modules. With D = Homk(—,k) we

The homological theory of contravariantly finite subcategories:auslander-buchweitz contexts, gorenstein categories and (co-)stabilization

Let C be an abelian or exact category with enough projectives and let P be the full subcategory of projective objects of C . We consider the stable category C/P modulo projectives, as a left

Triangulated categories of singularities and D-branes in Landau-Ginzburg models

In spite of physics terms in the title, this paper is purely mathematical. Its purpose is to introduce triangulated categories related to singularities of algebraic varieties and establish a

Derived Equivalences for Group Rings

Basic definitions and some examples.- Rickard's fundamental theorem.- Some modular and local representation theory.- Onesided tilting complexes for group rings.- Tilting with additional structure: