Trialogue on the number of fundamental constants

  title={Trialogue on the number of fundamental constants},
  author={M. Duff and L. Okun and G. Veneziano},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
  • M. Duff, L. Okun, G. Veneziano
  • Published 2002
  • Physics
  • Journal of High Energy Physics
  • This paper consists of three separate articles on the number of fundamental dimensionful constants in physics. We started our debate in summer 1992 on the terrace of the famous CERN cafeteria. In the summer of 2001 we returned to the subject to find that our views still diverged and decided to explain our current positions. LBO develops the traditional approach with three constants, GV argues in favor of at most two (within superstring theory), while MJD advocates zero. 
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