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Triagem Auditiva Neonatal Universal Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening

  title={Triagem Auditiva Neonatal Universal Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening},
  author={C. Augusto and Beyruth Borges and Maria Aparecida Oliveira Moreira and Gisele Martins Pena and Fernanda Rodrigues Fernandes and Bruna da Cruz and B. Otani},
Of the 200 infants studied, only 6 (3.0%) of its mothers relate a familiar history of hearing deficiency; only one of them had had more than one relative with this disturb. The mean weight of the infants was 3122.31 ‐ 588.4 g, ranging from 1085 to 4900g. Only one (0.5%) newborn had hearing dysfunction. This newborn was 20 days of life when the test was performed, its weight was 1515 g, and by transvaginal preterm delivery. Conclusion: It was concluded in this study the importance of a hearing… Expand

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