Trends in suicide during the covid-19 pandemic

  title={Trends in suicide during the covid-19 pandemic},
  author={Ann John and Jane Pirkis and David Gunnell and L Appleby and Jacqui Morrissey},
Prevention must be prioritised while we wait for a clearer picture 

COVID‐19 as a context in suicide: early insights from Victoria, Australia

While COVID-19 has not led to an increase in Victorian suicide frequency to date, it is an important background stressor that can erode one's wellbeing, sense of agency and connectedness to others.

Psychiatric Admissions, Referrals, and Suicidal Behavior Before and During the COVID‐19 Pandemic in Denmark: A Time‐Trend Study

To assess the patterns in psychiatric admissions, referrals, and suicidal behavior before and during the COVID‐19 pandemic, a large number of patients were referred to mental health services during and after the pandemic.

Reasons for Suicide During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan

In this cross-sectional study of 21 027 reason-identified suicides, all categories of reasons for suicide had monthly excess suicide rates during the COVID-19 pandemic, except for school in men.

Increased paediatric emergency mental health and suicidality presentations during COVID‐19 stay at home restrictions

Anecdotal reports indicate an increase in mental health presentations and acuity to EDs during the COVID‐19 pandemic and associated stay at home restrictions. Paediatric and adolescent data to

Psychiatric Hospitalizations in Times of a Pandemic: A Portuguese Experience

Studies have shown that patients with psychiatric pathology exacerbated their symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic, which, together with the decrease in programmed medical activity, could lead to a

Comparison of Self-harm or Overdose Among Adolescents and Young Adults Before vs During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ontario

This cohort study evaluates the risk of self-harm and overdose among adolescents and young adults during vs before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemics and Suicide Risk

In its mortality and global reach, COVID-19 is among the worst pandemics to hit the globe since the 1918 influenza and lessons from more than 100 years of epidemics are incorporated to assess whether the current public health response can benefit from the lessons of history.

COVID-19 and Suicide: A Deadly Association.

The current pandemic's impacts and the world's response to COVID-19 are focused on, and how these may lead to increased suicide rates are examined, focusing on the US population.

Temporary employment and suicidal ideation in COVID‐19 pandemic in Japan: A cross‐sectional nationwide survey

Association between employment contract and suicidal ideation and suicidal Ideation or newly developed under COVID‐19 pandemic was examined using a nationally representative cross‐sectional study in Japan.



National observation of death by suicide in the first 3 months under COVID‐19 pandemic

The very first national data on death by suicide during the first 3 months under the Covid-19 pandemic is presented.

Suicide Mortality and Coronavirus Disease 2019-A Perfect Storm?

Action could be taken to mitigate potential unintended consequences on suicide prevention efforts, which also represent a national public health priority, and to reduce the rate of new infections.

Assessment of Mental Health of Chinese Primary School Students Before and After School Closing and Opening During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The cohort study assesses the association of school closings during the COVID-19 pandemic with the mental health of primary school students in China.

Abuse, self-harm and suicidal ideation in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic

The reported frequency of abuse, self-harm and thoughts of suicide/self-harm was higher among women, Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) groups and people experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage, unemployment, disability, chronic physical illnesses, mental disorders and COVID-19 diagnosis.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on self-harm and suicidal behaviour: a living systematic review.

There is thus far no clear evidence of an increase in suicide, self-harm, suicidal behaviour, or suicidal thoughts associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, however, suicide data are challenging to collect in real time and economic effects are evolving.

Suicide risk and prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic

Suicide Deaths during the Stay-at-Home Advisory in Massachusetts.

The stable rates of suicide deaths during theStay-at-home advisory in Massachusetts parallel findings following ecological disasters and is reassuring that an increase in suicide deaths in Massachusetts during the stay- at- home advisory period did not occur.

Suicide rates continue to rise in England and Wales

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has called for more research to understand why numbers of deaths by suicide in certain groups are increasing in England and Wales, after new figures showed a