Trends in stroke incidence and 10-year survival in Söderhamn, Sweden, 1975-2001.

  title={Trends in stroke incidence and 10-year survival in S{\"o}derhamn, Sweden, 1975-2001.},
  author={Andreas Ter{\'e}nt},
  volume={34 6},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Stroke mortality rates have declined in many countries. Stroke incidence rates have also declined, but not to the same extent and not always in parallel with stroke mortality. The aim of the present study was to investigate trends in stroke incidence and long-term survival in a Swedish population. METHODS A population-based survey of the incidence of first-ever stroke was performed prospectively in the periods 1975 to 1977, 1983 to 1986, and 1987 to 1990. Case fatality… CONTINUE READING