Trends in antimicrobial drug use in the community--France, 1981-1992.

  title={Trends in antimicrobial drug use in the community--France, 1981-1992.},
  author={Didier Guillemot and Patrick Opoku Manu Maison and Claus-Christian Carbon and Beverley Balkau and F. Vauzelle-Kervro{\"e}dan and Catherine Sermet and Gilles M Bouvenot and Eveline Eschw{\`e}ge},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={177 2},
Trends in the use of antimicrobials in France between 1980-1981 and 1991-1992 were analyzed. Data were obtained from surveys of health and ambulatory care, which were based on national probability samples. In a 3-month period in 1980, 17% of the population of France was treated with an antibiotic, compared with 25% in 1991 (P < .001). The frequency of respiratory tract infections with a presumed viral etiology that were diagnosed and treated with antibiotics increased by 86% for adults and 115… CONTINUE READING

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