Trends in acute emergency room hypertension related deaths: an autopsy study.

  title={Trends in acute emergency room hypertension related deaths: an autopsy study.},
  author={Amam Mbakwem and David Adewale Oke and Janet Ngozi Ajuluchukwu and F. B. Abdulkareem and O. K. Ale and K Odunlami},
  journal={Nigerian journal of clinical practice},
  volume={12 1},
INTRODUCTION Hypertension is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Paradigm shift and novel drugs that go beyond blood pressure control have debuted in the last decade globally and in Nigeria. The study therefore proposed to investigate the effect of the above if any on hypertension related acute deaths in patients admitted to the emergency room of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. METHOD Autopsy reports for bodies deposited from the medical emergency room (ER) were… 

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Hypertension and Sudden Unexpected Deaths: An Autopsy Study of Four Hundred and Seventy-Seven Brought-in-Dead in a Tertiary Health Center

Acute left ventricular heart failure was the most common cause of sudden death as a result of hypertension and was followed by intracerebral hemorrhage.

Prevalence and pattern of cardiovascular-related causes of out-of- hospital deaths in Lagos, Nigeria

Cardiovascular-related diseases are major contributors to out-of-hospital medical deaths occurring chiefly in those >60 years, with hypertensive heart disease and heart failure the greatest contributors.

Cardiovascular risk factors in adult general out-patient clinics in Nigeria: a country analysis of the Africa and Middle East Cardiovascular Epidemiological (ACE) study

Cardiovascular risk factors are highly prevalent in Nigerian subjects attending out-patient clinics, and many subjects were undiagnosed and therefore unaware of their cardiovascular risk status.

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What the available data strongly suggest is that effective control of blood pressure is a higher treatment priority for saving Nigerian lives than interventions aimed at retarding the atherosclerotic process.

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Plasma homocysteine was positively associated with selected traditional cardiovascular risk factors, and might serve as a marker for increased cardiovascular risk.

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A dominant preference for larger body sizes was indicated, whereas body dimension predicted blood pressure only to a very limited degree.


The choice of appropriate surgical technique, timing and careful patient selection in order to preserve voice, curtail operative sequelae and achieve good quality of life (QoL) which is the overall management strategy, are suggested.

Body size preference among Yoruba in three Nigerian communities

The results suggest that larger body sizes were positively viewed in these communities consistent with the previous observations in type 2 diabetes.

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Despite advances in tools for detecting adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and widespread drug safety monitoring activities, treatment qualities of many conditions of public health importance remain problematic.



Hypertensive vascular disease as a cause of death in blacks versus whites: autopsy findings in 587 adults.

Analysis of autopsy data in New York City in 1991 suggests that ineffective control of hypertension is a major factor contributing to excess cardiovascular mortality among urban blacks.

Hypertension Related Deaths

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