Trends in U.S. Wage Inequality: Revising the Revisionists*


tasks<lb>Routine tasks<lb>Manual tasks<lb>DO<lb>T<lb>Ta<lb>sk<lb>In<lb>pu<lb>t:<lb>P<lb>cti<lb>le<lb>of<lb>19<lb>60<lb>T<lb>as<lb>k<lb>D<lb>ist<lb>n<lb>Task Input by Occupational Skill Percentile 1980

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@inproceedings{Autor2007TrendsIU, title={Trends in U.S. Wage Inequality: Revising the Revisionists*}, author={David H . Autor and Lawrence F. Katz and Melissa Schettini Kearney and Daron Acemoglu and Josh Angrist and George J . Borjas and Paul Devereux and Francis Kramarz and Thomas Lemieux and Derek William Neal}, year={2007} }