Trends, Rhythms, and Aberrations in Global Climate 65 Ma to Present

  title={Trends, Rhythms, and Aberrations in Global Climate 65 Ma to Present},
  author={J. Zachos and M. Pagani and L. Sloan and E. Thomas and K. Billups},
  pages={686 - 693}
  • J. Zachos, M. Pagani, +2 authors K. Billups
  • Published 2001
  • Medicine, Geology
  • Science
  • Since 65 million years ago (Ma), Earth's climate has undergone a significant and complex evolution, the finer details of which are now coming to light through investigations of deep-sea sediment cores. This evolution includes gradual trends of warming and cooling driven by tectonic processes on time scales of 105to 107 years, rhythmic or periodic cycles driven by orbital processes with 104- to 106-year cyclicity, and rare rapid aberrant shifts and extreme climate transients with durations of… CONTINUE READING

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