Trematodes from Goniobasis virginica (Gastropoda: Pleuroceridae) in Lake Musconetcong, New Jersey.

  title={Trematodes from Goniobasis virginica (Gastropoda: Pleuroceridae) in Lake Musconetcong, New Jersey.},
  author={J. Huffman and B. Fried},
  journal={The Journal of parasitology},
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Lake Musconetcong, located in the northwest comer of Morris County, New Jersey, was created by damming the overflow from Lake Hopatcong to the north. An investigation into deaths of the mute swan, Cygnus olor, on Lake Musconetcong was begun in the fall of 1977. The deaths were caused by hemorrhagic ulcerative enteritis produced by the trematode Sphaeridiotrema globulus and reported by Roscoe and Huffman (1981, Av. Dis. In press). The acute nature of the disease suggested that the infection was… Expand
Spatio-temporal variation in prevalence and intensity of trematodes responsible for waterfowl die-offs in faucet snail-infested waterbodies of Minnesota, USA
  • C. Roy, V. St.-Louis
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal for parasitology. Parasites and wildlife
  • 2017
Seasonal Dynamics of Two Mortality-Related Trematodes Using an Introduced Snail
Experimental Infections of Waterfowl with Sphaeridiotrema globulus (Digenea)