Trehalose and plant stress responses: friend or foe?

  title={Trehalose and plant stress responses: friend or foe?},
  author={Olivier Fernandez and Linda B{\'e}thencourt and Anthony Qu{\'e}ro and Rajbir S. Sangwan and Christophe Cl{\'e}ment},
  journal={Trends in plant science},
  volume={15 7},
The disaccharide trehalose is involved in stress response in many organisms. However, in plants, its precise role remains unclear, although some data indicate that trehalose has a protective role during abiotic stresses. By contrast, some trehalose metabolism mutants exhibit growth aberrations, revealing potential negative effects on plant physiology. Contradictory effects also appear under biotic stress conditions. Specifically, trehalose is essential for the infectivity of several pathogens… CONTINUE READING

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