Trees and Urban Forestry in Beijing, China

  title={Trees and Urban Forestry in Beijing, China},
  author={George V. Profous},
  journal={Arboriculture \& Urban Forestry},
  • G. V. Profous
  • Published 1 May 1992
  • Environmental Science
  • Arboriculture & Urban Forestry
Management practices, nursery production, public preferences, historical development, and land use all influence species composition, diameter size and forest distribution in Beijing, China. Fourgenera(Populus, Sabina, Sophora and Robinia) comprise almost 55% of the trees inventoried. Since 1949, the greenspace cover of Beijing has increased dramatically due to a significant commitment by the municipal government. Older trees surviving from earlier planting eras are found off-street, primarily… 

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