[Treatment with nebulized lidocaine in steroid-dependent asthma].


BACKGROUND The management of glucocorticoid dependent and resistant asthma encompasses a group of problems, affecting as much control of clinical symptoms as the onset of adverse effects to prolonged use of steroids. MATERIALS AND METHODS Woman 52 years old, steroid dependent asthma fifteen years ago. She has important adverse effects in consequence of the use of systemic glucocorticoids. The employment of methotrexate attained decrease in the dosage of steroids temporarily. The worsening of the clinical situation and deterioration of secondary effects by use of steroids necessitated treatment with nebulized lidocaine. A 2% solution to initial dosage was administered three times daily. The maximal dosage needed was 80 mg three times daily. RESULTS After three months of lidocaine treatment, the patient was able to reduce oral steroids eventually discontinuing these drugs, and the effects secondary to exogenous hypercortisolism disappeared. Moreover, an improvement in clinical symptoms and quality of life was observed with stability in the pulmonary function. CONCLUSIONS The use of nebulized lidocaine could be useful and provide alternatives in patients with severe asthma.

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