[Treatment with Ethibloc of lymphangiomas and venous angiomas].


Lymphangioma and venous angioma are a group of pathological entities which have required surgical treatment since years. Extension, localization and poor delimitation of some lesions have resulted in technical difficulties and serious complications. Our group began the sclerosing therapy with an injection of fibrin adhesive and, due to the lack of response in the first patient, a program with Ethibloc as an alternative substance was developed. We present 10 cases, 4 lymphangiomas and 6 venous angiomas. In 50% of our patients one single session of sclerotherapy was made, in 25% two sessions, and in the rest 25% three. From 10 cases, 4 are still on treatment, complete remission in 5 cases, and good evolution in one case (mixed lymphangioma). As a long-term complication, we have noticed fistulization in 3 cases, and expulsion of the sclerosing agent. In our experience, percutaneous sclerosis with Ethibloc should be the first therapeutic alternative.

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