Treatment of waste paper

  title={Treatment of waste paper},
  author={Ian Stuart Bleakley and Hannu Olavi Ensio Toivonen and スチュアート ブレイクリー イアン and オラヴィー エンシオ トイヴォーネン ハンヌ},
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for treating waste paper, enabling the reutilization of ink particles, inorganic particles and fibers as an inorganic particulate coating, a filler or an extender by coagulation-separating the ink particles, the inorganic particles and the fibers from the aqueous waste- containing dispersion or slurry of a waste paper-deinking plant. SOLUTION: Calcium hydroxide is redacted with carbon dioxide in an aqueous waste-containing dispersion or slurry generated… CONTINUE READING