Treatment of unexplained infertility. Fallopian tube sperm perfusion (FSP).

  title={Treatment of unexplained infertility. Fallopian tube sperm perfusion (FSP).},
  author={J. Akiva Kahn and Arne Sunde and Vidar von D{\"u}ring and T S\ordal and K Molne},
  journal={Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica},
  volume={72 3},
PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifty-one couples with unexplained infertility were enrolled in the fallopian tube sperm perfusion (FSP) program. FSP is in short a combination of ovarian hyperstimulation, ovulation induction and intrauterine and intrafallopian tube insemination using a sperm suspension of 4 ml volume. RESULTS One hundred cycles were started; 93 of these were completed, resulting in 27 pregnancies (29.0% per cycle). The pregnancy rate in the first treatment cycle (41.2%) was… CONTINUE READING
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