Treatment of syringomyelia after posttraumatic paraparesis or tetraparesis.

  title={Treatment of syringomyelia after posttraumatic paraparesis or tetraparesis.},
  author={Bernhard Schaller and Th. Mindermann and Otmar Gratzl},
  journal={Journal of spinal disorders},
  volume={12 6},
This retrospective study of 12 patients with syringomyelia related to spinal cord trauma with paraplegia or tetraplegia and secondary progressive neurologic deficits was conducted to evaluate various surgical treatments. Judging by the results of postoperative neuroradiologic examinations, 75% had incomplete reduction of the spinal fracture at the time of initial surgery. The secondary neurologic deterioration occurred within a delay of 146 +/- 16 months and included ascending sensory deficits… CONTINUE READING


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