Treatment of swine wastewater in marsh-pond-marsh constructed wetlands.

  title={Treatment of swine wastewater in marsh-pond-marsh constructed wetlands.},
  author={Gudigopuram B Reddy and Patrick G. Hunt and Ross A. Phillips and Kendall R Stone and Ashley L Grubbs},
  journal={Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research},
  volume={44 11-12},
Swine waste is commonly treated in the USA by flushing into an anaerobic lagoon and subsequently applying to land. This natural system type of application has been part of agricultural practice for many years. However, it is currently under scrutiny by regulators. An alternate natural system technology to treat swine wastewater may be constructed wetland. For this study we used four wetland cells (11 m width x 40 m length) with a marsh-pond-marsh design. The marsh sections were planted to… CONTINUE READING

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