Treatment of small cell lung cancer in the elderly.

  title={Treatment of small cell lung cancer in the elderly.},
  author={Antonio Rossi and Paolo Maione and Giuseppe Colantuoni and Ciro Guerriero and Carmine Ferrara and Filomena Del Gaizo and Dario Nicolella and Cesare Gridelli},
  journal={The oncologist},
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Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) accounts for approximately 20% of lung carcinomas. Chemotherapy is the cornerstone of treatment for SCLC. In limited disease, the median survival time is about 12-16 months, with a 4%-5% long-term survival rate; in extensive disease the median survival time is 7-11 months. More than 50% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed when they are over the age of 65, and about 30% are over 70. Elderly patients tolerate chemotherapy poorly compared with their younger… CONTINUE READING