Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by oral administration of bovine tracheal type II collagen

  title={Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by oral administration of bovine tracheal type II collagen},
  author={Salvador Fernando Ausar and D. Beltramo and Leonardo F. Castagna and S. Quintana and E. Silvera and Galia I. Kalayan and M{\'o}nica Revigliono and Carlos Landa and Ismael Bianco},
  journal={Rheumatology International},
Abstract. We evaluated the efficacy and safety of orally administered bovine tracheal type II collagen (CGII) in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Twenty RA patients received 0.5 mg/day of CGII for 12 weeks. Eighteen of them had improvements in the clinical parameters studied (swollen and tender joint counts, 15-m walking time, duration of morning stiffness, and physician's global assessment of disease activity). Anti-CGII antibodies were positive in 57% and rheumatoid factor (RF) in… Expand
Effects of Native Type II Collagen Treatment on Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
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Type II collagen oral tolerance; mechanism and role in collagen-induced arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
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Type II collagen oral tolerance; mechanism and role in collagen-induced arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
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A novel recombinant peptide containing only two T-cell tolerance epitopes of chicken type II collagen that suppresses collagen-induced arthritis.
A novel recombinant peptide rcCTE1-2 which contains only two tolerogenic epitopes of chicken type II collagen which is even more potent than native cCII, which was used in the clinic for RA, and the findings that the major T-cell determinants of cC II that are also recognized by H-2(b) MHC-restricted T cells have not been reported are reported. Expand
National Institute of Rheumatic Diseases
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The biocompatible polysaccharide chitosan enhances the oral tolerance to type II collagen
It is demonstrated that chitosan enhances the tolerance to an articular antigen with a decrease in the inflammatory responses and, as a consequence, an improvement in clinical signs. Expand
Early events associated to the oral co-administration of type II collagen and chitosan: induction of anti-inflammatory cytokines.
The data suggest that the co-administration with chitosan modifies the uptake and/or the distribution of the relevant antigen, and promotes an anti-inflammatory environment early after feeding. Expand
Objective: This work was done to evaluate the efficacy of oral Collagen hydrolysate in the treatment of joint fracture represented by tail fracture in mice. Different doses were tried to select theExpand
Undenatured Type II Collagen Relieves Bone Impairment through Improving Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Ageing db/db Mice
  • Rui Fan, Yuntao Hao, +7 authors Yong Li
  • Medicine
  • Molecules
  • 2021
It is suggested that UC II improved bones impaired by T2DM during ageing, and the likely mechanism was partly due to inhibition of inflammation and oxidative stress. Expand