Treatment of pulp and paper mill effluent

  title={Treatment of pulp and paper mill effluent},
  author={Anurag Garg and Parmesh Chaudhary and Shri Chand},
Pulp and paper mill effluent (COD= 0.7 kg/m) was treated for the removal of non-biodegradable and toxic compounds by wet air oxidation (WAO) using heterogeneous catalysts. The catalysts include (CuO-ZnO) supported on alumina and ceria as well as lanthanum based perovskites. The activity tests were carried out at 95C under atmospheric pressure conditions. A maximum COD reduction of 83 per cent for (CuO-ZnO)/CeO2 catalyst was obtained in 2 h reaction time at a catalyst conc. of 5 kg/m and the… CONTINUE READING


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