Treatment of metastatic tumors of the choroid with proton beam irradiation.

  title={Treatment of metastatic tumors of the choroid with proton beam irradiation.},
  author={Efthymia K Tsina and Anne Marie Lane and David N. Zacks and John E. Munzenrider and J Michael Collier and Evangelos S. Gragoudas},
  volume={112 2},
OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical outcomes of patients treated by proton beam irradiation for choroidal metastatic tumors. DESIGN Noncomparative case series. PARTICIPANTS A retrospective chart review was performed on a series of 63 patients (76 eyes) with choroidal metastases treated with proton beam therapy between December 1989 and September 2000. METHODS Patients were treated with 2 fractions of 14 cobalt gray equivalents (CGEs) (CGE = proton Gy x relative biological effectiveness 1.1… CONTINUE READING
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