[Treatment of metastatic pleural effusion with intrapleural administration of bleomycetin].


The report presents data on conservative treatment of pleuritis induced by metastases from tumors of different localization by bleomycetin. After the pleural cavity was drained dry in 24 patients, bleomycetin 45 mg was introduced into it. The latter procedure was repeated in 6 cases because profuse exudation continued. The results were evaluated by clinical and roentgenological means. Bleomycetin treatment was painless. Mean drainage duration was 3.8 days, admission time--6.2 days. Stable remission was recorded in 16 patients, partial--7. Pneumonia (2) and chronic empyema (1) were observed as complications. Bleomycetin-induced pleurodesis correlated with exudate pH: a pH value in excess of 7.3 made a patient good candidate for carrying out the procedure. According to Karnofsky index for long-term results, life quality of the patients improved. Eleven patients survived for 1 year after pleurodesis, and 2--more than two years.

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@article{Akonov1999TreatmentOM, title={[Treatment of metastatic pleural effusion with intrapleural administration of bleomycetin].}, author={A L Akonov and V. B. Kondrat'ev}, journal={Voprosy onkologii}, year={1999}, volume={45 4}, pages={411-5} }