Treatment of late-life schizophrenia with neuroleptics.

  title={Treatment of late-life schizophrenia with neuroleptics.},
  author={Dilip V. Jeste and Jonathan P Lacro and P L Gilbert and J A Kline and Nancy Kline},
  journal={Schizophrenia bulletin},
  volume={19 4},
There is a death of literature on the effects of neuroleptics in older schizophrenia patients. In this article, we review the available literature and present findings from our own studies. Neuroleptics are effective in the treatment of late-life schizophrenia, although older patients generally need lower dosages than younger subjects. Neuroleptics, however, carry a relatively high risk of side effects such as tardive dyskinesia (TD) in middle-aged and elderly patients. By the end of 1 year of… CONTINUE READING