Treatment of intractable chronic cluster headache by occipital nerve stimulation in 14 patients

  title={Treatment of intractable chronic cluster headache by occipital nerve stimulation in 14 patients},
  author={Brian Burns and Laurence Watkins and Peter J. Goadsby},
  pages={341 - 345}
Background: Cluster headache is a primary headache involving repeated attacks of excruciatingly severe headache usually occurring several times a day. Most patients with chronic cluster headache (CCH) have an unremitting illness requiring daily preventive therapy for years. Objective: To describe the clinical outcome of occipital nerve stimulation (ONS) for 14 patients with intractable CCH. Methods: Fourteen patients with medically intractable CCH were implanted with bilateral electrodes in the… 

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High cervical spinal cord stimulation for chronic cluster headache

In this prospective series, high cervical spinal cord stimulation shows an effect size equal or larger than occipital nerve stimulation with immediate onset after surgery and may serve as a valuable additional treatment option of intractable cluster headache in the future.

ONS and DBS for the Treatment of Chronic Cluster Headache

Although no valid predictive factor is available at the moment, due to the lack of prospective and randomized studies, both procedures seem to constitute safe and valid treatments for such disabling condition.

Long-term occipital nerve stimulation for drug-resistant chronic cluster headache

Occipital nerve stimulation efficacy is confirmed in chronic drug-resistant cluster headaches even after an exceptional long-term follow-up and tolerance can occur years after improvement.

Occipital nerve stimulation improves the quality of life in medically-intractable chronic cluster headache: Results of an observational prospective study

ONS significantly reduced the attack frequency per week, as well as the functional and emotional headache impacts in iCCH patients, and dramatically improved the health-related quality of life of responders.

Occipital nerve stimulation for intractable chronic cluster headache or migraine: A critical analysis of direct treatment costs and complications

ONS for treatment of refractory CCH and CM is a cost-intensive treatment option with a significant complication rate, Nevertheless, patients with refractable primary headache disorders may experience substantial relief of pain attacks, and headache days, respectively.

Occipital nerve stimulation for the treatment of chronic cluster headache - lessons learned from 18 months experience.

A prospective single-center observational trial in patients with refractory chronic cluster headache, including patients with ONS, to identify the best stimulation parameters and find the optimal parameters regarding pulse width and frequency is presented.

Occipital nerve stimulation for the treatment of intractable chronic migraine headache: ONSTIM feasibility study

The results of this feasibility study offer promise and should prompt further controlled studies of occipital nerve stimulation (ONS) in CM.

Neuromodulation in cluster headache.

New on-demand chronically implanted SPG stimulation seemed to be efficient to abort CH attacks in a pilot controlled trial, but its long-term safety needs to be further studied.

Safety and efficacy of cervical 10 kHz spinal cord stimulation in chronic refractory primary headaches: a retrospective case series

Paresthesia-free high cervical HF10 SCS appears to be a long-term safe and likely effective therapeutic approach for patients with chronic refractory primary headache disorders and warrant further prospective studies in larger series of patients.

Long-term follow up of intractable chronic short lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache disorders treated with occipital nerve stimulation

Occipital nerve stimulation appears to offer a safe and efficacious treatment for refractory short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache attacks with significant improvements sustained in the long term.



Hypothalamic stimulation in chronic cluster headache: a pilot study of efficacy and mode of action.

It is concluded that hypothalamic stimulation has remarkable efficacy in most, but not all, patients with treatment-resistant chronic cluster headache, and is not due to a simple analgesic effect or to hormonal changes.

Neurostimulation in primary headache syndromes

  • P. Goadsby
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Expert review of neurotherapeutics
  • 2007
The initial results are encouraging and given the very significant disability of medically intractable primary headaches, this is a very promising area for patients and physicians alike.

Outcome of trigeminal nerve section in the treatment of chronic cluster headache

It is found that trigeminal nerve section is an effective treatment with acceptable morbidity for a carefully selected group of patients with intractable chronic cluster headache who underwent trigemINAL nerve section.

Hypothalamic stimulation for intractable cluster headache: Long-term experience

Hypothalamic stimulation is an effective, safe, and well-tolerated alternative to surgery for chronic patients with drug-refractory CH.

Towards a Definition of Intractable Headache for Use in Clinical Practice and Trials

The definition of intractability is explored to provide some standard against which to test new treatments for patients, who have been called intractable and do not respond to regulatory-approved and other conventional preventive therapies.

Stimulation Ranges, Usage Ranges, and Paresthesia Mapping During Occipital Nerve Stimulation

Subcutaneous, occipital nerve stimulation has emerged as a potentially effective treatment modality for patients with refractory headache disorders and 10 patients status post implantation of an occipITAL nerve stimulator was documented.

cipital nerve stimulation for intractable chronic primary headache disorders

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  • 2003