Treatment of hydatid disease in childhood with mebendazole.

  title={Treatment of hydatid disease in childhood with mebendazole.},
  author={Ayşe Yeşim G{\"o}çmen and M F Toppare and N. Ya. Kiper},
  journal={The European respiratory journal},
  volume={6 2},
The general characteristics of 56 childhood cases of cystic hydatid disease were analysed and the results of mebendazole therapy versus surgery were verified. Pulmonary radiograms and ultrasonography were used in the diagnosis. The cysts were localized primarily to the lungs. Twenty seven patients were surgically-treated, with eight having recurrence after a mean period of 3.6 yrs. Thirty patients received regular mebendazole treatment, in a dose of 50 with a mean duration of treatment… CONTINUE READING

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