Treatment of glaucoma in children with Sturge-Weber syndrome.

  title={Treatment of glaucoma in children with Sturge-Weber syndrome.},
  author={C van Emelen and Marc Goethals and Lieve Dralands and Ingele Casteels},
  journal={Journal of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus},
  volume={37 1},
BACKGROUND Sturge-Weber syndrome is a rare congenital neuro-oculocutaneous disorder. Ocular involvement can include glaucoma and vascular malformations of the conjunctiva, episclera, choroid, and retina. METHODS The records of 19 Sturge-Weber syndrome patients (mean age 8.2 years) treated at our institution were reviewed to determine the incidence of ophthalmologic manifestations in Sturge-Weber syndrome. RESULTS Glaucoma occurred in 42% of all patients and was more frequent in patients… CONTINUE READING


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